“I want to be a meteorologist “

“I want to be a meteorologist when I grow up so I can predict the weather.”

This is what Lucas told me last night, so even though I had given up trying to do the at-home preschool activities, I (stupidly…I really don’t have the patience for this stuff) spent the day digging up weather activities for us to do today to learn about the weather. I found some great stuff online (after several hours of pouring over online sites while Lucas asked over and over if I was ready).

Today we kicked off the unit by having him tell me what he already knew about weather (this isn’t the first time we’ve discussed it).

  •  It’s sunny because the sun is bright.
  • It’s not sunny when it’s [the clouds] blocking the sun from being bright, bright, bright. A cloud is made of rain. 
  • The leaves go swoosh when it’s really windy.
  • A meteorologist predicts the weather.

Then I asked what he wanted to learn about the weather and he said “I wish I knew about tornadoes. I wish I knew how to tell a tornado was coming so I could tell everyone to be safe.”

We watched a meteorologist report online, read Eric Carle’s Little Cloud book, observed and recorded today’s weather, and started learning a little about clouds.

W rainbowW is for Weather


Breaking news from the fail cube!

I’d just like to give everyone a recap of my Wednesday work day…

9:00 am -> arrive at work (on time), find out there is no staff meeting…

9:00 30 secs -> start cursing

9:05 am -> stop cursing, get coffee and head to cube

9:15 am -> lay writhing in the hallway screaming, “IT BURNS, OH GOD, IT BURNS.”

9:16 am -> get up calmly and go about business of fixing a bug in an invoicing action

9:45 am -> sit around in Glenn’s cube making comments that most likely would land me in HR and sensitivity training

10:30 am -> return to cube, attempt to look busy

11:45 am -> go to lunch at Panera, point and laugh at all the stupid Shaw employees from other plants there

1:00 pm -> type random garbage to Matt in the iPhone yahoo messenger

1:30 pm -> clip fingernails, contemplate removing socks and trimming toenails as well

2:00 pm -> download Rawr, prioritize WoW tanking loot drops, decide to regem my gear 15 times for agil/stam instead of dodge/stam, contemplate stealing bosses’ tie and tying it around my head Rambo style and practicing Bando against the copier

2:30 pm -> decide to go to the convenience store, fill up the camaro, and grab some caffeine

2:45 pm -> upon returning, stalk people in there cars (reading, on break, etc) and practice my ninja skills by kicking the side of their cars and hiding in the bushes unseen!

3:00 pm -> maekin poast about day’s events

Unrelated to my work day – Lucas has jumped back on the formula merry-go-round.  We are now trying Soy formula to see if he is less angry drinking that.  Next stop, I’m gonna just giving him pureed steak, biscuits, and gravy.  EVERYBODY LOVES GRAVY, RIGHT?!?  Like with every formula switch, it takes a few days to see whether or not he likes it, if it causes a rash, or just makes his life a bit better.  He is doing well though.  He has an uncanny nack to find the one spot which is not covered by a burp cloth.

He also enjoys being bounced on your knee.  I do wonder if I’m scrambling his brain when I do it though.