“I want to be a meteorologist “

“I want to be a meteorologist when I grow up so I can predict the weather.”

This is what Lucas told me last night, so even though I had given up trying to do the at-home preschool activities, I (stupidly…I really don’t have the patience for this stuff) spent the day digging up weather activities for us to do today to learn about the weather. I found some great stuff online (after several hours of pouring over online sites while Lucas asked over and over if I was ready).

Today we kicked off the unit by having him tell me what he already knew about weather (this isn’t the first time we’ve discussed it).

  •  It’s sunny because the sun is bright.
  • It’s not sunny when it’s [the clouds] blocking the sun from being bright, bright, bright. A cloud is made of rain. 
  • The leaves go swoosh when it’s really windy.
  • A meteorologist predicts the weather.

Then I asked what he wanted to learn about the weather and he said “I wish I knew about tornadoes. I wish I knew how to tell a tornado was coming so I could tell everyone to be safe.”

We watched a meteorologist report online, read Eric Carle’s Little Cloud book, observed and recorded today’s weather, and started learning a little about clouds.

W rainbowW is for Weather


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