Dreams Wasted

I fell asleep dreaming about writing a story about a princess. I then dreamed that I was a princess writing a story. She (I) wrote pages of notes…in my dream. Woke up and realized all that writing was wasted. I hate when that happens. (I once wrote a whole page essay in high school to wake up and find the essay gone).

I actually bought a voice-to-text program for these exact situations….when I’ve had a dream I want to remember and have lots of thoughts I’m trying to hold in my head before the details and then the dream itself slip away from my being awake. Ironically, I’ve had such congestion from allergies that my throat is raw and I can barely speak today.



note: this is an old dream i found in the drafts folder…i have no idea what the date was that i dreamt it…pretty creepy

This morning i had a dream that i was a single mom to a 10 year old daughter, and i shared a townhouse with two other single moms and their daughters. all our daughters were in gymnastics together. then one day the police come to say that one of the other mothers from gymnastics’ daughter had been murdered and he was trying to find out if we knew anything (not suspects, just gathering info). after the cops leave we are getting our daughters ready for bed and i asked my daughter if she knew anyone that might do that. she turned all evil and her eyes went grey and black she gripped my arms and said in a totally different voice “i killed her”. she told me she killed her because she was competition in the gymnastics. then she told me she killed the handy man too cause he was rude to her and walled him into the stairs we’d been renovating in the house. basically anyone that made her mad she just killed and thought nothing of it. i was terrified of making her mad so i just acted like it was no big deal and put her to bed. then i was trying to coordinate with the cops a way for them to take her without her suspecting anything.

dream log

lauren and i were talking about our dreams and remembering our dreams. im going to record my dreams for a week to see how many i remember. i was supposed to be recording my sleep patterns that led up to the dreams as well, but i forgot. anyhow here are my dreams so far this week in brief:

Weds, my first day of trying, i remembered 4. my sleep patterns were 3am-530 when lucas’s crying woke me up for a minute. then i woke up again at 8 when paul went to work. then i slept 9-11am when lucas was napping.

1. gramma’s farm house – the living room was overgrown with dead plants everywhere

2. becky was wearing a hot pink, zebra striped sweat outfit so we had to have a fashion intervention

3. abby saw a golden retriever on the tv and kept trying to nuzzle/play with it

4. i was standing at the bottom of an interstate off ramp when a guy on a motorcycle crashed on the road right in front of me and i was trying to call 911

Thurs – 2

1. i was in my camaro and was racing a firebird

2. not approved for all audiences

Fri – 2

1. we had moved to a new house and i had to start a new high school. stephanie was telling me that there were 2 high schools and i could choose which one i wanted to go to

2. i had a party at my house vand i was showing off lucas and sookie to everyone…ticia platt was the first one to arrive and i didnt really know what to say to her since we werent really friends

Sat – 3

1. i was cleaning out the fish tanks and found *7* more undone fish tanks in the other room; mom offered me some creme brulee but said “bill likes meat better than creme brulee” and i said “why on earth does that matter” and she said that bill cooks all the food and since he doesnt like creme brulee he doesnt make it very well

2. i went to europe with lucas, mom, stephanie, and melissa. first the way that we went we fell down off the walkway over an area 3 stories down. we all grabbed the curtains on the 3 story window we fell in front of and had to shimmy down. then we were on a barge going down the waterways of the city and i was trying to take pictures but stuff kept falling out of my suitcase into the water

3. i was in girl scouts and we were walking along for a field trip, when i noticed some of the other scouts up on the hill and i was calling them down to come join us – ashleigh best and allison blakely and megan ranger

4.  i was taking the elevator up and forgot to hit the button for the 15th floor….the only button pressed was for the 50th. i tried hitting other buttons like 19 and 23 to get off earlier, but it kept going up. when i got off at 50 there was a young vampire there with bright red eyes. he said he was dracula and he was attacking people.


as usual it took place at my dads house. my 5 kitties lived on the deck outside and i was calling them into the house for the night. i got 4 of them but ashton ran away and i saw him down in the woods go racing up a tree like something was chasing him. at first i thought it was jasmine, but when i went down there to try to get him, across the creek from me was an enormous, white, siberian tiger with husky blue eyes. as i tried to step nearer to it, it let out a fearsome growl and i was terrified it was going to leap across the creek and kill me, so i backed up and went back to the house.  then the tiger ran up another tree (i dont think tigers really go up trees like a panther). in the house im trying to figure out who to call. 911? i mean i cant call the local animal control. who do you report a tiger to. as im standing on my deck watching the tiger in the tree, i notice there are two more orange ones in the tree with it. ive called 911, and somehow word has gotten out that i have the tigers in my backyard (altho now they are on some telephone pole sized cat tree in the sideyard) and so there are all these people that have come to see them…plus more animals are showing up. i spot a black wolf in the woods and there are several apes in my yard (orangutans maybe?). theyve put the apes in a circular chain link fence, but the apes figure out how to open the gate so i dont know why theyve bothered putting them in there. now there are people *everywhere* including a group of animal rights activists in a circle around the tiger pole like people trying to stop a tree from being cut down. i get ahold of dad on the phone and ask him if hes heard (its all over the news). he thinks im talking about my uncle, and i was like “no, there is a zoo in our yard!” im really freaking out at this point, and a good bit of it is cause i havent seen any of my 5 cats, and those tigers and wolves must be eating something…..


last night i had a dream that we were all going to play wow – like IRL. there was some floating mob thing i was trying to attack but couldnt figure out how to kill. so i said to it, out loud “i cast smite on you” but smite wasnt working so i went shadow and said “i cast shadow word pain on you”. then i discovered lauren had a wow board game that she was playing and i was mad she didnt tell me about it cause i would have wanted to play that with her instead of standing around saying “i cast smite” which is just lame. then my dream shifted and i was on the computer at my old desk in my room at dads house and i was playing horizons again, only they had majorly updated it and made it way cooler.

i also have a vague memory of another dream i had had where i was at the mall and it was closing time so the stores’ gates were half down but i slipped into perfect place real quick looking for hello kitty stuff, but they only had like two hello kitty items for sale !?


Last night i dreamed that i went down to reserve vision. i went with a bunch of people. turns out htere was only one booth left to reserve and they decided htey wanted to think about it. then we are standing outside vision and kristie and lauren say they arent going to go at all. i got really mad at them and stormed off saying “fine, lets just cancel the whole thing” (i think this should be my new mantra). then after i calmed down i went back to tell the guy to just go ahead and reserve the booth, but there was a line at the door and i ended up standing behind sarah and raechel. they seemed to be planning something or other cause they kept whispering. then once i got thru the line up to the guy, he said that last booth had already been booked.

why does this dream not feel like a dream ?

London for a Day

I had a dream last night that Kristie and I went to London again, but just for a day (apparently in dream land it only takes 4 hours to get there and doesnt cost a billion dollars). we didnt think anyone would believe us, so we took pix under Big Ben and stuff. we mostly just walked around the city seeing the sights and then we went home. then we had fun telling everyone “we went to london today”.