“I want to be a meteorologist “

“I want to be a meteorologist when I grow up so I can predict the weather.”

This is what Lucas told me last night, so even though I had given up trying to do the at-home preschool activities, I (stupidly…I really don’t have the patience for this stuff) spent the day digging up weather activities for us to do today to learn about the weather. I found some great stuff online (after several hours of pouring over online sites while Lucas asked over and over if I was ready).

Today we kicked off the unit by having him tell me what he already knew about weather (this isn’t the first time we’ve discussed it).

  •  It’s sunny because the sun is bright.
  • It’s not sunny when it’s [the clouds] blocking the sun from being bright, bright, bright. A cloud is made of rain. 
  • The leaves go swoosh when it’s really windy.
  • A meteorologist predicts the weather.

Then I asked what he wanted to learn about the weather and he said “I wish I knew about tornadoes. I wish I knew how to tell a tornado was coming so I could tell everyone to be safe.”

We watched a meteorologist report online, read Eric Carle’s Little Cloud book, observed and recorded today’s weather, and started learning a little about clouds.

W rainbowW is for Weather


Turkey Furbies

Why do I do this to myself? All I had to do was make a dessert. Steph and I both came to the conclusion that rice krispie treats were the best idea for a preschool party. But i couldnt just leave it at that. Nooo. I had to make cute little turkeys. I found this from Rice Krispies’s Pinterest 


Mine ended up looking more like this.

Jenn and I worked on them, and i found it to be a pretty frustrating experience. I was supposed to make 60, but gave up after 20 and just made regular ones for the rest.


Home Preschooling, Day 1

After a lot of online research into preschool activities, I went to Schoolbox last night and bought a book of lesson plans. It’s written for teachers of preschool classes, so it has a few drawbacks for me to do on my own like lack of multiple kids for the games or lack of all the supplies and materials. I was going to buy some of the materials at Schoolbox to save time and effort, but then when looking at the stuff on the aisles I just kept thinking how I had all the stuff at home to make them by myself for free if I just put in the time. Thanks to scouts, scrapbooking, and leftover supplies from mom, i do have  pretty good stash of craft supplies to get started with.

This morning we started our first day. It hasn’t gone very well, but I think it will be better once he gets used to the routine of it. Right now I can’t get him to focus on what I’m saying and pay attention. So far I’ve already learned that I need to get alllll the materials out ahead of time and when he isn’t around rather than right before each activity because it interrupts flow, and he is a nuisance when I’m trying to find certain supplies. This is something I would normally have done anyhow, but since I only finished getting the plans together late last night, I waited until today to find stuff. I’ve also learned that each activity takes twice as long as it should even though I only have one kid doing it because the darn kid won’t sit still. So here is my dilemma that I will need to research: Is it better to force the kid to do the activity because he needs to learn to pay attention and try each thing because he can’t just do what he wants 24/7, or is it better not to force the issue because learning should be fun and I don’t want him to resent/hate school stuffs. This might be easier to solve when I have all the activities put together before hand because I could just switch to a different learning activity that he might respond to better.

The unit for the next two weeks is All About Me.

[Lesson] Today’s lesson was about how people look different and are all unique. We took magazine cutouts of people and compared how their hair was alike and different (brown vs blonde, curly vs straight). I had him glue down cutouts of people’s eyes close-up and then compare them to family member’s eyes. we also watched a sesame street segment about what would happen if we all looked the same. sesame street has a video player and you can search an attribute or lesson and it brings up clips from the show related to that. soo neat.

[art] we made a paper plate face of lucas making it look like him. i asked him what was on his face and he pointed to his eyes and said “eyes,” so i pulled googley eyes out of a bag for him to glue down – and so on until he had all the parts of his face.

[language] then on the back we listed words that describe lucas’s personality like “sporty, problem-solver, etc.”

[music] I tried to teach him a song called I’m Special off youtube, but he told me the song was terrible.

There were more parts to today’s lesson plan, but we didn’t get to them because a) I started too late and we ran out of time and b) they required materials I don’t have or multiple kids to do. Tomorrow’s activities are a continuation of today’s lesson.