Product Reviews and Surveys…Two Months In

I’ve been doing the surveys and product testing for two months now. I like the product testing better than the surveys.

Product testing is my favorite. I get missions through Smiley360 and BzzAgent, plus some products through the online surveys. Smiley and Bzz give me the product and I then have different venues to tell people about the product I got. The ones that come through surveys just ask me to take another survey after I’ve used the product. There’s something exciting about getting chosen for a new product campaign even when they are boring things like Mucinex and ass wipes.

Products I’ve received so far:

  • a super awesome contour foam pillow from sleep number that I am totally loving and is way better than the $20 Target version I had before
  • a sleep number travel pillow to be used as a toddler pillow
  • Children’s Mucinex, which we are now on our third bottle of with as sick as they get all the time
  • Cottonelle flushable wipes (or as I call them, ass wipes) which are actually kinda nice and are totally flushable
  • Huggies diapers, something we actually would have had to spend money on otherwise
  • access to watch the Starz Black Sails new pirate show that comes on in January since Starz is a premium channel we don’t already get

The products I do have to bug people about since I’m supposed to post on Facebook, Twitter, and discuss with ten people for each thing. Steph found this clip and it is totally me…unsubtley working product placement into conversations to meet my quotas.



I’m doing several things that are money earners:

Opinion Outpost gives money for surveys. It takes a lot of survey taking to get a good payout, but it’s not like I’m doing anything else important sitting at my computer all day. They are good at matching surveys to find one relevant to you. This morning Lucas and I took one where he looked at toy ads and then pretended he was shopping for toys for his birthday and picked out which toys he wanted. I got paid $3.50 to sit with Lucas and pick out toys. They also sometimes send me products to try out.

Tapbooty is the ipad/iphone program that I learned about through Smiley360. I download apps through it and get paid about .10 per app I download. Doesn’t sound like much, but really, how hard is it to tap a button to add an app to your ipad?  I do this while I watch tv.

Pinecone shows me ads for a product and then asks me what I like about the product and the ad for it. These don’t take long to do and I get $3/survey. It implies that they might send me the product as well to try out, but I haven’t received any products from them yet.

A few other sites I have done sorta are iPoll, Crowdology, Tellwut, MyPoints, and RewardTV. These don’t seem to payout very fast so I kinda lost interest in those.

Secret Shopping I’ve done a few times now where I shop at a store with a list of criteria to look for and then write up a report. I’ve learned that if I am choosey with the stores this is an easy way to make money since they pay $10-15/store and only takes about an hour to complete.

Overall in the past two months doing the above activities I have earned about $101.90. So $50/month isn’t much money, and all this stuff does take a good amount of time compared to say having a part time job where I could make like $7/hour, but it is considerably less effort since it is mostly just doing stuff on the computer while I’m chatting online anyway or watching tv whenever I want, on my own time.




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