Random Thoughts While Sick Over Christmas Break

I just started watching Young Adult. And chickie (rocking a Hello kitty pj set that she probably got at Target because i think I might have the same ones) is going on a road trip listening to a TAPE over and over again the same song…how does she not have a CD player in her ridiculous little micro Italian car. Wow, this movie is so boring. Ok i had to quit it. –12/31/13

So i spent most of christmas break being sick. First i had the flu, because despite two attempts to get the flu shot, I never actually got one. I was briefly well just in time for my Christmas party and family Xmas Eve dinner. Then christmas day on i was sick with ear and sinus infections. So aside from two doctor visits, i havent been out of the house for a week. I starting to get stir crazy..ive got the motivation and desire to do stuff but not the energy.

Do people really leave their keys in their cars in the visor? People are always stealing cars in movies by using the keys in the visor. Who does that?

My bromfed cough medicine tastes like a cupcake…with a dreadful aftertaste.
–1/4/ 14


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