as usual it took place at my dads house. my 5 kitties lived on the deck outside and i was calling them into the house for the night. i got 4 of them but ashton ran away and i saw him down in the woods go racing up a tree like something was chasing him. at first i thought it was jasmine, but when i went down there to try to get him, across the creek from me was an enormous, white, siberian tiger with husky blue eyes. as i tried to step nearer to it, it let out a fearsome growl and i was terrified it was going to leap across the creek and kill me, so i backed up and went back to the house.  then the tiger ran up another tree (i dont think tigers really go up trees like a panther). in the house im trying to figure out who to call. 911? i mean i cant call the local animal control. who do you report a tiger to. as im standing on my deck watching the tiger in the tree, i notice there are two more orange ones in the tree with it. ive called 911, and somehow word has gotten out that i have the tigers in my backyard (altho now they are on some telephone pole sized cat tree in the sideyard) and so there are all these people that have come to see them…plus more animals are showing up. i spot a black wolf in the woods and there are several apes in my yard (orangutans maybe?). theyve put the apes in a circular chain link fence, but the apes figure out how to open the gate so i dont know why theyve bothered putting them in there. now there are people *everywhere* including a group of animal rights activists in a circle around the tiger pole like people trying to stop a tree from being cut down. i get ahold of dad on the phone and ask him if hes heard (its all over the news). he thinks im talking about my uncle, and i was like “no, there is a zoo in our yard!” im really freaking out at this point, and a good bit of it is cause i havent seen any of my 5 cats, and those tigers and wolves must be eating something…..


2 thoughts on “dream

  1. Weird dream! Do you have any idea what might have prompted a zoo dream? Were you watching Discovery channel or something? Poor kitties, i can’t believe you left them outside with tigers and wolves!!

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