dream log

lauren and i were talking about our dreams and remembering our dreams. im going to record my dreams for a week to see how many i remember. i was supposed to be recording my sleep patterns that led up to the dreams as well, but i forgot. anyhow here are my dreams so far this week in brief:

Weds, my first day of trying, i remembered 4. my sleep patterns were 3am-530 when lucas’s crying woke me up for a minute. then i woke up again at 8 when paul went to work. then i slept 9-11am when lucas was napping.

1. gramma’s farm house – the living room was overgrown with dead plants everywhere

2. becky was wearing a hot pink, zebra striped sweat outfit so we had to have a fashion intervention

3. abby saw a golden retriever on the tv and kept trying to nuzzle/play with it

4. i was standing at the bottom of an interstate off ramp when a guy on a motorcycle crashed on the road right in front of me and i was trying to call 911

Thurs – 2

1. i was in my camaro and was racing a firebird

2. not approved for all audiences

Fri – 2

1. we had moved to a new house and i had to start a new high school. stephanie was telling me that there were 2 high schools and i could choose which one i wanted to go to

2. i had a party at my house vand i was showing off lucas and sookie to everyone…ticia platt was the first one to arrive and i didnt really know what to say to her since we werent really friends

Sat – 3

1. i was cleaning out the fish tanks and found *7* more undone fish tanks in the other room; mom offered me some creme brulee but said “bill likes meat better than creme brulee” and i said “why on earth does that matter” and she said that bill cooks all the food and since he doesnt like creme brulee he doesnt make it very well

2. i went to europe with lucas, mom, stephanie, and melissa. first the way that we went we fell down off the walkway over an area 3 stories down. we all grabbed the curtains on the 3 story window we fell in front of and had to shimmy down. then we were on a barge going down the waterways of the city and i was trying to take pictures but stuff kept falling out of my suitcase into the water

3. i was in girl scouts and we were walking along for a field trip, when i noticed some of the other scouts up on the hill and i was calling them down to come join us – ashleigh best and allison blakely and megan ranger

4.  i was taking the elevator up and forgot to hit the button for the 15th floor….the only button pressed was for the 50th. i tried hitting other buttons like 19 and 23 to get off earlier, but it kept going up. when i got off at 50 there was a young vampire there with bright red eyes. he said he was dracula and he was attacking people.


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