last night i had a dream that we were all going to play wow – like IRL. there was some floating mob thing i was trying to attack but couldnt figure out how to kill. so i said to it, out loud “i cast smite on you” but smite wasnt working so i went shadow and said “i cast shadow word pain on you”. then i discovered lauren had a wow board game that she was playing and i was mad she didnt tell me about it cause i would have wanted to play that with her instead of standing around saying “i cast smite” which is just lame. then my dream shifted and i was on the computer at my old desk in my room at dads house and i was playing horizons again, only they had majorly updated it and made it way cooler.

i also have a vague memory of another dream i had had where i was at the mall and it was closing time so the stores’ gates were half down but i slipped into perfect place real quick looking for hello kitty stuff, but they only had like two hello kitty items for sale !?


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