note: this is an old dream i found in the drafts folder…i have no idea what the date was that i dreamt it…pretty creepy

This morning i had a dream that i was a single mom to a 10 year old daughter, and i shared a townhouse with two other single moms and their daughters. all our daughters were in gymnastics together. then one day the police come to say that one of the other mothers from gymnastics’ daughter had been murdered and he was trying to find out if we knew anything (not suspects, just gathering info). after the cops leave we are getting our daughters ready for bed and i asked my daughter if she knew anyone that might do that. she turned all evil and her eyes went grey and black she gripped my arms and said in a totally different voice “i killed her”. she told me she killed her because she was competition in the gymnastics. then she told me she killed the handy man too cause he was rude to her and walled him into the stairs we’d been renovating in the house. basically anyone that made her mad she just killed and thought nothing of it. i was terrified of making her mad so i just acted like it was no big deal and put her to bed. then i was trying to coordinate with the cops a way for them to take her without her suspecting anything.


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