I find that staff meetings are still boring and pointless…

So for the first time in about 2 months, I acksually (lolcat) made it on time to a staff meeting.  You know what?  They haven’t changed because the idiots that drone on about what they are currently doing/not-doing/touching/not-touching/pooping/not-pooping/eating/not-eating and whatever other verbs you can throw in there, are still droning on about nothing.  So wow, I made it on time just to be bored poopless and reading FML, messing around with WoW armory, laughing at LOLCats, and reading facebook on my iPhone.  So I wasn’t that bored but I really wasn’t getting much out of the meeting either.

Good news is that I haven’t gotten an email telling me to go take my blood pressure today.  Nurse Debbie is out of the office today if I’m lucky then she’ll be hit by a truck this afternoon.

We’ve been having mainframe issues lately because of <insert random technical explanation here that no one cares about>.  What is humorous about it is that fact things run fine for one business area (1) <because of stupid technical issue A> and doesn’t run well for business area (2).  So hilarity ensues when they get in to a retard slapfight because they have no idea what is going on behind the scenes and give you the puppy-dog confused look when you try to explain to them what is going on.  I’m pretty sure that I lose IQ points just by sitting in the office.  It is like the stupidity aura noms your brain until you can’t do anything but try to clap your hands together.

But the best part about all of this is that I’m not mad, irritated, or give the slightest of shit.  I’m happy to collect my paycheck and (silently) point and laugh.  It seems that my career isn’t going to give me the slightest bit of fulfillment so I’ll just have to make sure Lucas gets to be a teenager and can hate my guts so I can give him a hard time (like showing NAKED baby pictures to his prospective girlfriends) and have real meaning to my life <evil_overlord>MUHAHAHAHA</evil_overlord>.


2 thoughts on “I find that staff meetings are still boring and pointless…

  1. Sorry work sucks. You should design a special Asshat virus and release it (just at work, don’t give it to me) for a little fun one afternoon. Then you could magically make it disappear and be a hero. That should get nurse Debbie’s BP up.

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