beneath that charming exterior lurks a dark evil


Monday i went over to Blackwell Elementary to help mom set up her new classroom. she’s teaching 2nd grade this year, so she has a new classroom and all new stuff. it was fun playing teacher and setting stuff up for the lil kids. afterwards we went to yummy ihop for dinner and had the waiter that kristie and lauren are obsessed with.


Tues night paul, lucas, mom, and me met uncle kevin at the cheesecake factory for dinner. that was really fun. i loovvveee cheesecake factory and dont go there very often. uncle kevin was in town on business and he brought lucas two super cute new outfits. ron was sposed to go with us, too, but wasnt able to come cause he is radioactive and cant be within 6 ft of small children.


lucas missed his gramma soo much that he spent the whole day crying. everything i tried to appease him only made him happy for like ten minutes before he’d start crying again. added with my lack of sleep, it was a very difficult day to get thru. i was sooo glad when paul finally got home and i was finally able to pass out on the futon.


One thought on “beneath that charming exterior lurks a dark evil

  1. Hmmm..maybe you should be a teacher once Lucas goes back to school and you’re bored. I think you’d make a good teacher! I don’t get this radioactive thing (for cats vs humans) When i was reading about it online they said that the radiation they use for a cat is like 20+ times less than what a human receives. So why do they have to keep Dala for a week? And then once she comes home I have to stay at least 3 feet away from her at *all* times for 2 more weeks. *sigh* I’m jealous you went to Cheesecake Factory! I bet it was yummy.

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