Private Selection Mason Jar Desserts from Kroger

Today’s campaign is about Kroger’s store brand, Private Selection. Specifically their desserts in a jar and their burgers.

The desserts in a jar are these small (single serving) mason jars of different fancy desserts that Kroger is selling in their bakery or prepared foods sections.

No they aren’t healthy, but they taste good and I like that I don’t pig out on a dessert because it is just enough for one.

They come in a bunch of choices. I’ve tried several and liked all the ones I tried. The chocolate types have been my favorite.

The only thing I don’t like about them is the packaging. The glass jars are nice, but I don’t like the tops at all. For one thing, they are not sealed in any way. There is no “tamper proof” packaging. Also, they don’t have a real lid so their reusability is limited. The lid consists of a paper label under a thin piece of clear plastic that sits inside the metal ring. Obviously this little piece of plastic isn’t really reusable and all you have to do to open it is unscrew the metal ring.



We used to get the prepackaged Bubba Burgers. This was our first time trying the Private Selection brand instead. They seemed to have some kind of extra spice to them that made them taste better. Unfortunately they seem to have more crud in them. I sometimes have to pick out tiny pieces of bone or inedible meat bits. They’re also a bit cheaper than the Bubba Burger boxes.



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