Boring Book Blather

Really I need to join a 12 step program.

My latest neurosis – organising my books. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if you give a mouse a cookie…

So I discovered where you can ditch your old books and get something else instead. Ya know…a used bookstore online. Sure you can get $4 used books from Amazon which is great for buying, but not for trying to get rid of your personal library. And does anyone really use ebay anymore since the mass-resellers and bot buyers took over?

Now while I might not be the ideal customer since I reread most my books and like to hold onto them (as I do everything else), I did find about 60 to get rid of. I just signed up a couple of days ago and have already sent out 12.

This exciting development came two months after a complete reorganization of my bookshelves literally and virtually. That was when I discovered i owned 62 books that I’ve never read (not including book sets). It doesn’t seem like 62 when I look at the actual books, but I keep rechecking the Goodreads list and yup, I have bought 62 books that I’ve never even read. I set a goal to drop that number to 40 before I was allowed to purchase any books (excluding new releases of series I’m already vested in). I did decently well getting them down to 50 by either reading them or moving them to the “never gonna read” pile. But now I have 12 book credits for free books on the bookswap…so you guessed it…I’m back to 62 unread books.

In addition to the time I’ve spent calculating and comparing book costs (which involves researching and tracking data in spreadsheets – remember how I said I’m neurotic?), I also started making my own Kindle book files. See, a lot of authors of series write little short extras that they post on their blogs. So they are all floating around in cyberspace. One particularly annoying author posted her short story in separate paragraphs on **12** fan blogs. So yes to read that story you have to follow 12 different links for one short story. Obnoxious. So I taught myself last night how to make ebooks and started gathering up all these loose stories and converting and transferring them to my Kindle. Nice and neat all in one place.



2 thoughts on “Boring Book Blather

  1. How in the world do you have 62 unread books?? Why do you keep buying new ones if you have so many to read? So weird. How many books do you own?

    1. It happens when I buy say 3 or 4 at once and then only read the first one or two. Some of them are so old I’m not interested in them anymore so they sit there for forever (Like 20 of them are chick lit I bought in like 2004). Or I buy a book on my Kindle because it sounds somewhat interesting and only costs $1. That sort of thing. I own approx. 390

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