BIC Soleil Glow

I’m really lazy, so I use disposable travel razors all the time. A couple of times in the past I have tried having a real razor that you buy replacement blades for, but I never stick with them beyond a single refill. The problem with the refillable razors (pre-Amazon days) was that I had to remember what kind of razor I had when I was at the store. That requires preparation by noting the brand and razor type to put on a list. I know, that sounds really easy, like no big deal. And if they ever lasted into multiple purchases I would probably remember what razor I had and not have to figure it out each time. But I never get that far into owning it because by then I’ve already gone ahead and bought a bag of cheap, disposable razors.

My new Bzz campaign is for the BIC Soleil Glow razors. These seem to me to be a crossover, hybrid type razor. (You can seem my razor expertise coming out here, because I doubt this is a new product…but I’ve never paid any attention to razors before). They are disposable razors, but not the cheapy, harsh kind. They have a curved, easy to hold handle. I think the handle shape makes me less likely to just bash at my leg with the razor like I do with the straight handled razors. I don’t know if it’s ergonomics or perception. They have a rounded outer edge (COMFORT SHIELD head) around the blade that makes it feel softer against the skin. And they come in pretty, girly colors. It has three blades, a protector strip, and a swivel head. My old razor had two blades and a strip.

I don’t know the price value of the razors since I got mine for free through BzzAgent. According to the Target website, the 3 pack goes for $7 ($2.33/razor). More than I paid per razor for the cheapo ones I had before this, but still not expensive so totally something I would buy.



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