Pretend Play

When we were little and Stephanie and I played pretend, I always made her pretend to be a character/part that she didn’t want to be, but I made her anyhow because I was older.
 Today, Lucas was forcing Arianna to pretend she was going to school. He was making her put on a backpack and say bye and go to school. Then he made her lie down and take a nap at school. She was really annoyed and wouldn’t cooperate, and he was yelling at her the whole time. “Baby, put your backpack on. Come on baby, you’re going to school.” Then he whapped her with the backpack when she wouldn’t put it on.
Reminded me of when we were kids and played school and I’d be the teacher and she’d be the student. I’d give her assignments… and actually expected her to do them.
Lucas made her take a nap” at school”. She is tucked in (the Target bag is her pretend blanket) with her duckie and the lion is tucked in as well.

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