Week 1

(08/08) I’ve been irritable the past couple of days. My sleep schedule is messed up because of Lucas getting up so much during the night when he was sick and because of Paul being at work every day. Our whole routine is thrown off, and with little kids, routine is everything. We’re stuck in the house because Lucas has Hand, Foot, and Mouth….a virus that causes a rash all over like chicken pox. I hadn’t heard of it before but when I posted about it on Facebook a lot of my friends’ kids had had it before.

At 17 months old I’ve caved and Arianna is watching TV all the time now (they’re not supposed to watch TV until age 2). So, yeah I’m whiny and cranky this week from all that is going on in a not fun way.

Our month so far:

Aug 1 – Mommy’s birthday! The kiddles and I met Mom for lunch at Frosty Frog (a sandwich/ice cream place). We gave her flowers and a balloon and we had ice cream for dessert.

Aug 2 – Lucas’s Pre-K orientation. We met his teachers and he has 4 other little boys in his class that he already knows. I’m really glad I had him do daycare at the school over the summer because even though it is a different room with different teachers, he jumped right in and started playing with the other kids. Of course, he already that outgoing friendly personality (he definitely doesn’t get it from his super-shy mommy).

Aug 2-3 First consignment sale of the season. It went incredibly well, the best I’ve had so far. I spent a little over $200 on new fall and winter wardrobes for the kiddles and earned $126 in sales. This one was the huge Born Again Blessings at the Civic Center.

Aug 4/6 – Lucas got sick with what we found out a few days later was the HFM thing I was talking about above which brought all my plans and activities to a screeching halt, including Lucas’s 1st day of school and starting PreK. Dr Kola said it would be a week or so for him to be all better. So basically Lucas will be all better just in time for Paul to have major surgery.

Not much else to report right now since most of activities for this week got cancelled and we are just sitting in the house doing nothing. Next week is Paul’s Total Hip Replacement surgery.


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