For the most part, June consisted of lessons. Mondays and Wednesdays Lucas had swim lessons at the new Aquatic Center. He has a great teacher and has gone from getting upset every time water splashes in his face to voluntarily dunking under the water. He has also done a 3 second solo swim. He graduated from Preschool 1 to Preschool 2 which he will start this month (August). He also did gymnastics June-July at Georgia All Stars from a LivingSocial coupon I had. I’m glad I had a discount on that program, because I didn’t care for that place at all. I’m going to try out another place called Zenit, and they have classes for Arianna’s age, too.

06-24-13 (5)

On the 3rd we released the Painted Lady Butterflies that we had raised from Lucas’s birthday kit.

butterfly release 06-03-13 (10)

The water park at the new aquatic center is really awesome. It has a playground part that is wonderful for the kids to run around on, a small deep end area for a bit of swimming, a lazy river, and water slides. It is like a close by, cheap, mini-white water. It took Arianna a little time to warm up to it, but Lucas loovveedd it.


Lauren’s baby shower was the 22nd for Miss Alexis Elizabeth. We had it at Chilis which I hadn’t been to in years and we did presents and cake! It was really fun to hang out with everybody and she got some really adorable little girl stuff.

IMG_1319 (1)     IMG_1322

For our 7th (12th) anniversary, Paul and I went to a movie theatre in Alpharetta where you sit in office chair style chairs and have little tables and they serve you drinks and dinner while you watch the movie. It was a neat experience, but we probably wouldn’t do it frequently. We got to see Superman and it was *awesome*.

We had a really rainy (and busy) summer, so we only made it to the pool a couple of times. Here are some shots of us hanging out.

06-28-13 (4) 06-28-13 (11) 06-28-13 (17) 06-28-13 (25)

We ended the month with a trip to the zoo with the Steins! We hardly ever get to see them anymore so it was really great to go do something with them.

IMG_0946 IMG_0984


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