Round here

(8/12) Lucas finally got better over the weekend and then this evening Arianna got so sick! Yargh.

I have a bagel addiction.

#SwitchedatBirth is really annoying me tonight. I dont like the decisions they are making with taking the baby and trying to get Ty to skip out on the army. Ok nevermind they fixed that part. And Nikki is a self-righteous &@$€£!+*> Actually this whole episode is awful.

I’ve killed another phone (the old iphone) although that thing was limping along anyhow. So for now im back to my backup phone.

Today was Lucas’s first day of school (a week late due to being sick). It got off to a rough start because he thought he was going to have this one boy in his class and it turned out he didnt. Im not sure how much of his being upset was really about that and how much was just reacting to newness (and he woke up cranky today). But upon pickup I got great reports from his teacher Ms Pam and from Lucas himself.

I think I’m going to go read a book.

a few pages


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