Mayhem – Week 3 and 4

So it is August and I never finished these posts. Here they are finally.

17 – Landon’s 4th birthday party – We went to the Keelings’ and had these awesome cookie-brownie combo things. Landon got a massive water gun for his birthday and the kids all played out in the front yard with the water guns until late.

18 – We took Lucas to the Renaissance Festival for the first time! I love Ren Fest and was so excited to take him. He and I went through a maze with him leading the way. He likes to do the drawing kind and thought it was pretty neat to go through a real one. It ends with you climbing a small tower and then sliding out. The lady working the ticket booth for the maze kept telling me how hot my husband is when I went to pay for the tickets to the maze ;). We also went in the bird sanctuary which I hadn’t been into before. Lucas was a little nervous about the loud squawking cranky parrots but thought it was neat when the cockatoo said bye to us when we left. We also watching the joust and Lucas rode on several of the (incredibly overpriced) rides. We ended with the children’s play area and petting zoo. Arianna loved the bubble machine.

IMG_0772 IMG_0779 IMG_0780 WP_000395 WP_000400 WP_000403 WP_000414 WP_20130518_193634Z

21 – Marietta art class – They read a story about a cat and created their own cats. This was 100% made by Lucas. I verbally told him how to draw the mouth and things and he made all the parts including drawing them and cutting them out. We also went to the eye doctor this day and Lucas definitely has the strabismus eye thing that Paul had. He got glasses to strengthen his eyesight in his right eye.



22 – The neighborhood had an ice cream social where an ice cream truck comes to the pool and passes out free ice cream. Lucas and I went over there with the Keelings and the kids ran around hyped up on sugar. I also met one of my other neighbors, Barbara and her daughter Katherine that live down the street from us.

23 – Southern Museum Mommy & Me class –

We had a brief break between schools so I had a chance to take him to the class the Southern Museum has each week. It’s such a great class because they read a book, play a game, sing, do a craft, and do hands on activities like pictured below. It is really well structured and taught. This week’s theme was taking care of pets.


24 – 26 Paul goes to Nationals and I’m home with the kids. Not much to say about that. Mom helped a bunch so that I wasn’t overwhelmed.

28 – Lucas started daycare at his new school Brenwood Academy. We call it “playschool,” though since the word “daycare” has a stigma to it for Lucas. It took a few minutes to get him started playing with something and settled in, but then he was fine. He goes Tues, Weds, Thurs from 9-12.

29 – We had our last Girl Scout meeting of the year. I decided to have an informal meeting at LoriBell’s for ice cream and chatting. Lucas got to come, too, and he and Deb told “jokes” the whole time which basically consisted of saying random silly stuff and then cracking up laughing at it. Lucas had also just gotten his new glasses that day so he got to show them off to everyone.

06-24-13 (5)


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