May-hem, Week Two

10th – Took Lucas to the Sparkles Tiny Tots program for the morning. He rode around on his motorcycle, played ski-ball, and did parachute activities. He also tried out roller skating for the first time.


11th – This was the last week of Lucas’s Little Kickers soccer program. They did a scrimmage (new word for me) and Lucas even got in there (with lots of coaxing) and scored a goal. At the end they got winner medals.


12th – We went to the zoo for Mommy’s Day (moms get in free). It started off a little rough since I got frustrated when we couldn’t find parking and then Lucas was being kinda troublesome, but then things calmed down a bit and we had an enjoyable time. The best part was the lions. I do think, though, that next year I will just send Paul out with the kids and I’ll do a hair and nails day or something.


14th – Lucas’s last day of 3-year-old preschool. They had a great end of the year picnic party. If you ask Lucas about it, he will be sure to tell you we had cupcakes. The whole thing was beach themed and was really cute. We had a picnic on the playground. Hickory Flat UMC was such a great school. Lucas really loved his teachers and going to school. I hope he likes his new school as much when he starts at Brenwood next week.


15th – Back and forth to Acworth today. First for Lucas’s 4yr old doc appt. He aced his hearing test, which means he can HEAR me just fine, he just doesn’t LISTEN to me. He didn’t do very well on the vision test, though, so we will be seeing an ophthalmologist. He was so brave for his shots, so we of course had to visit LoriBell’s for ice cream after. I drove Lucas back home and then turned back around to Acworth for a Girl Scout meeting in the park.

16th – I had a consignment sale drop-off due today. It was for the spring/summer set of clothes which I hadn’t previously done a sale for so it required a complete inventory. I stayed up all night working on it. Okay, it might have gone a little faster if I hadn’t been watching movies while I worked on it. Although it went faster than it could have because of my awesome tag gun that my awesome sister bought me. It wasn’t an online inventory system so I don’t know how much I sold yet, but judging by what came back, I think I made about $75-80 which was more than I was expecting ($25-30) based on the size of the sale.

I’m trying out nail art. In middle school Becky and I used to paint our nails before school all the time. I had every color of the rainbow and did all different colors. Nail art is like the next level. My first attempt was a stair-step trio and my second was ombre.



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