May-hem, the first week

This May is such a busy month for us! So many birthdays and holidays, festival, events, and appointments.

3rd – We kicked the month off with Lucas’s 4th birthday party at Catch Air. It was soo much fun! Nearly every single one of my friends was able to make it (including Jana from California), the kids got to run around like little nutters, and there were *two* cakes. I just wish I could have spent more time with my friends to chat instead of running around after the kids. Plus we were running over on time so I had to rush through the cake and presents. But that aside, I’m so happy I did it and everyone that was able to join us. Lucas had such a wonderful time and talked about it for days. I love how happy all (three) of his birthdays made him.





4th – The next night Josh threw a surprise party for Allison’s 30th birthday. It ended up being quite a bash. I really enjoyed meeting their friends and family. They are always so much fun.

7th – We did a mini birthday party for Lucas at his preschool class. Since he had a real party I probably wouldn’t have normally done anything at school for his bday, but all the other kids did and I didn’t know if he would get upset if he didn’t have one, too. He never asked about it before hand if he was going to have one, but I didn’t want him to miss out and be disappointed later. And who am I to say no to additional birthday celebrations? He got to wear a birthday crown all day and be the line leader and I brought cupcakes to his class. We all sang to him and then I gave all the kids bubbles.

8th – For his actual borthday I took the kiddles to the aquarium. I thought it might be a big chore to take them both on an outing by myself (I think this may be the first time I have done that), but it turned out easy since they were both so well behaved. Lucas was so excited and ran from tank to tank looking at everything. His favorites were the big crabs, octopus, and the sand shark that came swimming right up near our window. Arianna was just happy to have big spaces to walk around in. She didn’t seem to notice/care about the tanks much but kept checking out all the people instead.

On the way back from the aquarium we met Dad for dinner at Cherokee Cattle Co for dinner. We got cake for dessert; Lucas got the “crazy cake”  which was a layered  cake of 4 different kinds of cake and covered in sprinkles. The restaurant staff came out and sang happy birthday to him, which made him smile like this: 


to be continued…



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