Jenn Saves the Day: a My Glorious Disaster Sequel

So I called up Jenn and said “We’re going to play a game. I’m going to name two ingredients, and you’re going to create a recipe.”

Jenn says, “alright,” (with a tone conveying her real meaning of  “I think you’re an odd one, but I’ll humor you.”)

I named squash and whipped cream, and having already read my previous post, she knew what I was dealing with. And magically transformed my gloppy mess into a casserole of yumminess that I plan to eat entirely in one sitting. Over the phone, off the top of her head (and here her years in phone tech support shine through), she correctly chose a pan size, the proper proportions of crackers and cheese, and a baking time to create  a squash casserole.

I think she has a super power.



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