Consignment sales

It’s consignment sale season. All the churches are doing big sales of baby and kids stuff and I have been having soo much fun with it. First I went to the All4Kids sale in Roswell and got like 80% of Lucas’s fall wardrobe for $100 (nothing for Arianna b/c all her clothes come from Shelly and she is set right now). Then this weekend I participated in the big one in Canton at First Baptist Church. I volunteered for three hours as a worker to set up the sale which also got me in to the preview sale. I now know the trick to consignment sales is to get in to the preview sales before all the good stuff gets snatched up. I spent another $130 and now have a ton of stuff for Lucas for Christmas, including two biggies: a spring rocking horse and a play kitchen. When I went back Sat morning after the sale was over, it was insane how much stuff had cleared out. The gear and toys seemed to sell really well, as did older kids’ clothing. There were tons of girls clothes and smaller sizes so those didn’t sell as well. I didn’t have time (too much procrastination) to get all my other stuff together, but i did get about 100 items of Lucas’s old clothing in the sale, of which 29 items sold at approx $70 profit. Not as much as I had hoped for (was hoping for at least $100 to offset what I had spent at the first consignment sale), but better than $0 if I had just donated it all. There are a couple of other consignment sales coming up. I already signed up for one of them. I won’t even have to do much work for the second one since I already have all the old inventory together.



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