Another Glorious Disaster

From the kitchen of Chef Alison.

Seriously…why does Paul even allow me to walk into the kitchen.

I got some squash from a farmer’s market and wanted to try something different with it…mashed squash. Like mashed potatoes, but with squash. I’m not sure I could have screwed up my recipe any more. Maybe if I’d forgotten to put squash in it. Maybe.

I boiled the squash instead of baking it.

Apparently what I thought was butternut squash is not. It’s summer squash and like a quarter of the size. So when the recipe called for 2 butternut squash, it meant like 8 times the amount of squash I had. But I had already put in the ingredients to the recipe’s measurements. So the ratios are a little out of whack. Just a tad.

I didn’t have half in half, so I subbed heavy cream.

The salt was not kosher salt and was at the back of the cabinet, so I just didn’t put in any at all.

I don’t like pepper so I didn’t put that in either.

Then I skipped the butter, too, because I didn’t feel like putting it in there on top of all that cream.

At least I put in the brown sugar correctly. The only correct ingredient in this whole recipe.

I tried to mix it in my bowl with my electric mixer, but the bowl was too shallow so it splattered everywhere.

It came out goopy and not stiff like mashed potatoes. And ridiculously sweet. Kinda like squash flavored whipping cream.

Katrina likes it.




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