“No to the power of No” – Nikita

“some family members are like cigarettes. You convince yourself you need them and then all they end up doing is taking years off your life and stinking up your house.” – The Firm

Leo:You think I’m going to talk to you about my boss because you bought me tacos?
Ben: They’re good tacos

Leo: You have a lot of questions….I’m starting to feel used and violated
Ben: I will buy you a sundae
Leo: Well now I feel like a dessert-stitute
– Fairly Legal


2 thoughts on “quotes

  1. Did you write these down as you were watching or did you remember them all? If you remembered them all then i’m jealous because Mommy brain has ruined me.

  2. lol, no i didn’t remember them all. i wrote down the ones i thought were funny while i watched them, the only one i remembered word for word on my own was the one from Nikita 😛

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