Lucas’s 3rd Birthday, Pt 1

Sunday we had a get together party at the house with our friends for Lucas’s birthday. We had a bunch of our friends over and Paul made burgers on the grill. Lucas did, too, thanks to Lauren’s birthday gift of aLittle Tikes grill. Lucas had picked out Disney Cars for his birthday theme. He’s never seen the movies yet since we haven’t let him watch movies yet, but he knew they were cars and that’s all it takes with him. He had a Cars pinata that uses pull strings rather than a bat to open. Each kid took a turn pulling a couple of strings until the M&Ms packs fell out. All his presents were a huge hit. Everyone did better than I would have picking stuff out for him. I think the best part was the cake. He was so cute when everyone was singing to him. He seemed to think it was really great. I’m so glad all my friends could make it – I had so much fun, too!

Tomorrow, for his actual birthday, Mom and I are taking him to the Georgia Aquarium. I was lying in bed with him tonight telling him about our field trip to the aquarium. I asked him if he knew what an aquarium was and he said it was where animals lived. I said yes, it was where all the animals that live in the water are. I started telling him some animals that he would see. After each one he’d say “what else is at the ‘quarium?” and I’d say “umm, sea turtles.” This went on until I ran out of animals and told him we’d just have to see. He decided to come up with some of his own. He said he was going to give me more “choices.” He said, “hmm. hmm” and was really thinking about it, and then said “frogs.” It excited me that he really thought about it and came up with another animal that lives in the water. Then he thought about it some more, and said, “ducks.” I’m soo excited to take him to the aquarium tomorrow!!


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