i was eating the bottom layer of a biscuit and lucas asked if it was a pancake. i said no, it’s a biscuit. he said, “kinda like a pancake. it’s a circle.” observant of him.


i went to start lucas’s bath and he said “what’s that?” pointing to the bath mat in the tub basin. I said it was the bath mat, that I never took it out last night. He continued saying what’s that, so I paid more attention and saw a creepy unknown bug on top of the mat. no idea what it was. after i got done being creeped out, i washed it down the drain. lucas had some reservations about it crawling back up, but i told him it was quite washed away, plus the plug was inserted. i came downstairs to find out what my unknown bug was. i typed into google, “creepy bug with lots of legs,” expecting to have to wade through a bunch of google images to identify the right one, because let’s face it, there are a LOT of creepy looking bugs out there. so this bug must really creep out a lot of people, because both the top web result and the top row of google images were all of my bug, now known to be a house centipede. google it and be afraid. or at least mildly disgusted.


me: it happened again…it just keeps happening!!!
steph: wat
me: mornings
steph: every day of your life


the current going ons in the beechner household:

paul is boring. i have nothing to say on his behalf.

arianna is still a baby. she started sleeping at night at 7 weeks, sleeping from about 9pm until 5am on average. she and i have scintillating conversations that consist of “ohh” and “ahh”.

lucas’s gymboree school class is changing starting in May so that it will be from 3pm-6pm Tues/Thurs. I think they are adding the sports class type activities to the end of his school day activities, but he still has his regular sports class on Thursdays. I guess i’ll find out more in May or when I bother to ask. he really is enjoying going, though.

as for me, not much going on. taking care of kids, lots of scrapbooking, trying to make it through my backed up list of DVRed shows, etc. i start back at girl scouts tomorrow and i have no idea what we are going to do.


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