DSC05665 by Paul Beechner
DSC05665, a photo by Paul Beechner on Flickr.

April 2, 2012

Lucas has become a little storyteller. Here are some he’s told me the past couple of days (I need to video tape them to get his intonation while he does it. It is very ‘then this happens and then this happens’):

“I’m going in the microwave. And cook myself. And be hot.”

“the door broke and blew open and lucas came in and door slam the fan and broke the fan. it’s gonna do that.”

“The dump truck scoops up Mommy and drives her and dumps her on the roof. The dump truck scoops up the dirt and dumps it on mommy’s head and the dirt falls on her head and down her face and in her eyes.”

He also likes to make his toys talk to each other. They do stuff like go swimming, take naps, and go to time out for hitting. He tucks his stuffed toys into his bed for naptime and diapers them on the changing table. He does imaginative play like the time he told me the bouncer frame was a car and he got in it and used a toy key chain thingy as the key to start and drive the car.


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