Lucas Latests

Today Lucas and I played baseball together. I semi got him to hold the bat correctly (as in keeping it in front of him instead of over his shoulder behind his back) and most importantly to watch the ball and not me. He can even hit it some of the time which thrilled us both. It is so so cute to see him so excited.

He is officially a 3-year-old now in my mind. Not because of a date that hasn’t happened yet, but because now everything you say, he responds with, “why?”

He is a pro at the iPad now and has been for a few months ever since he commandeered it from Paul. He knows how to type in the 4 number password to turn it on, go to the folder with his games, select a game, change options in his games, etc. His favorites are Angry Birds, an app that plays cartoon music videos of kid songs/nursery rhymes, and a game of shapes/colors that you can do different things with.

He is in his second week of taking School Skills and Sports Class at Gymboree. They are drop-off classes (yay) Tues-Thurs. I’m not entirely sure what he does in them, but they seem to sit at a table and learn stuff like shapes, read a book, have a snack, have play time, etc. The sports one they have a coach come in and do different sports.

No where on the potty training still. We don’t even try. I have no energy or patience for it.

Or anything these days actually. Lucas has become very needy since Arianna was born. He no longer will do anything off by himself. Instead he wants my attention All. The. Time. I do think I have gotten closer to him, though, since she was born because mostly Paul takes care of Arianna while I take care of Lucas. So now I’m doing all the stuff Paul used to do like bath and bed time. Doing 100% of the Lucas stuff instead of 50% of it has allowed me to get closer with him. I love that when I first get up in the mornings, he comes racing at me, throws himself in my arms, gives me a big hug, and says, “Mommy, I love you!”


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