Week 1

 Mon – We got to go home from the hospital today! Arianna was soo tiny getting strapped into the car seat. Mom and Lucas were at home waiting to meet her. Lucas was sooo cute about first seeing his little sister. We were telling him how she wasn’t in Mommy’s belly anymore and he said, “check.” Then he lifted up my shirt to see my belly and said, “is out”. He wanted to hold her and hug her and kiss her, but we couldn’t let him since he’s been sick 😦 Mom has been sick, too, so she didn’t get to hold her yet either.

Mom had gotten the curtains done and hung them in the nursery while we were gone. They are so so gorgeous.

My first night home was a little rougher than expected, but not too bad.  Around 11pm she started wanting food hourly. At 1am, ten minutes after I’d fallen asleep (and apparently a really deep sleep since I’d already been dreaming, woke up groggy, and was shocked to have only been asleep ten mins), she woke up yet again for food. I was like, “what happened to the baby I had at the hospital that would sleep for 5 hours straight?” When I had this thought, it reminded me of when I brought Lucas home and thought I’d brought home the wrong baby (not seriously) because he had done the same thing. With Lucas, we later found out that he wasn’t getting fed enough and that’s why he’d cry hourly for food. With this in mind, I gave her as much bottle as she would take without worrying about if it made her spit everything up by giving her too much. Turns out she was ready to up her dosage and drank 40 and then 55mL the next two feedings compared to the 20mL she’d been drinking at the hospital. Yay for experience. I had solved the sleep problem in a single night that had me up for like a week with Lucas.

Tues – In the morning, the four of us got up and took Arianna to the pediatrician. That was pretty stressful because Lucas decided to be a total pain in the butt about everything. I missed pretty much everything that went on since I was busy dealing with Lucas and trying to fill out a billion family history questions as new patients at the practice in Towne Lake. I don’t know if the doctor was just trying to go fast to get us out of there or what, but the doctor didn’t seem very thorough. Lauren thinks also because she had just been seen at the hospital and they had her info from that, but i dunno. paul was quite frustrated by the end (mostly with scheduling), and I wasn’t impressed with them either, so we decided we are just going to go back to Dr Kola even though that means driving out to Acworth. In the evening, Dad came over to meet Arianna and brought us Longhorns for dinner. After dinner, Lucas took him upstairs to show off his new bed and bedding set, then they went to his playroom and worked together on the car engine. Lucas even got Grandpa to read him a book before he had to leave and Lucas had to go to bed. Lucas had so much fun hanging out with Grandpa, that he was still talking about it three days later.

Weds – i got up early when Lucas and Arianna did and kinda helped paul out a little bit before going back to bed for a long nap. in the evening, paul took Lucas to the playground since it was nice outside while i stayed home with Arianna. then Glenn and his daughter Shannon came over to see Arianna. They brought some cute little clothes for both Lucas and Arianna. It was nice of them to stop by. The day finished up with Jenn picking me up and the two of us having our weekly IHOP dinner. I was super tired when I got home, but still ended up not going to bed until 1am.

– pretty good day today. I slept in until 12, paul said Arianna slept most of the time, too, after he had gotten up with her. Sarah and Shelly came over and brought us some Chick-fil-A and we all hung out. Funny pic of both baby girls laying back and being fed bottles. After they left, Paul and I took Arianna out on the back porch to lie in the sun for a few mins while Lucas napped. Such a pretty day outside today. Just been chilling the rest of the day.


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