baby names

i’m scrolling through the baby announcements for my Feb Baby Board to see what the Feb moms ended up naming their kids (mostly looking for any odd ones). So far I’ve found:

– 2 little girls with the middle name London

– some cool ones: Kai x2, Declan x3, Rowan x4, Everley, Avaleigh, Emerlee, Vienna as a middle name, Jace Donovan, Trevin, Drake, Roman, Asher, Brynleigh, Irelyn, Rylan, Kylon, Aubrianna, Trace

– an Alexandria,  Damon x2, a Hunter, an Ethan, Lucas x 2

– Aidan x 4, Eliana x 4, Sera x 2, Landon x 4, a bunch of Reeses, 2 Paisleys, 2 Willows

– Albert the 3rd, Larry, and Maximus

– the odd ones: Logan Viking, Thatcher, Briar,  Giovanni Valentin (this baby is destined to be an Italian clothing designer or something), Zakk, Ma’Riyah Zyerria, Stanislaw, Billie Jean (a boy), Balthazar, Atlas, Journey Raine, Zyaire, Breslynn, Dorian Gray


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