ahh hurry updates while i still can!!

so some asshat put up photos of boots for sale in my gallery, which had like 3k hits each pair (think they checked out all my awesome baby pix while they were there? i doubt it…) anyhow so it used up all my bandwidth and locked me out of my own dang site until like Oct 8th. They have it temp on for me to make fixes, and i’m actually going to try to move everything to one of the free hosting sites instead of paying for hosting anymore. more about that later b/c i wanna get this posted and take a nap

lucas said a 4 word sentence today, “boy (as in his Little People boy) under Lucas bed”

he also had his first cooking lesson today in helping me make belgian waffles (from a box of course). he broke the egg on the counter for me and then poured it from the shell into the bowl. then he poured the milk from the measuring cup into the bowl and used a whisk to stir it all together. then he helped me pour the batter from the mixing bowl into the special waffle iron scoop (a premeasured cup to put in just the right amount of batter into the iron). after they cooked, he helped me eat them!


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