conversations with Paul

Mon Oct 3rd
ally: lucas’s poop was literally teal
like, really really teal
like i almost took a picture of it
but then decided that would be too weird
Paul: lol
Tues Oct 4th
ally: so i had this dream that you and i were at the old house getting some more stuff we left behind. and i kept finding stuff i really wanted to keep and didnt know why i hadnt gotten it the first time around
like for some reason my tank was still there and you said it was too big to take with us 😦
Paul: the dream is wrong because I wouldn’t be there
ally: so then your mom busts in
Paul: the dream is wrong, I wouldn’t be there
ally: why wouldnt you be there?
and she is all bitching about money. and i was just like “i dont want to hear about it” and she was like “i said youd get some money from me, in half a decade” and she still never asked where we had gone
Paul: because I’m never going back to that old house
I’m done with it
maybe if I own it
but most likely I’ll just send Terence
ally: well in my dream we didnt already have all our stuff out
Paul: I’d like to say that you should stop dreaming in the past
dream about Damon Salvatore or something
ally: hahahaha
Paul: I wish they’d turn on the heater in this place
man it is cold
 ally: why dont you take that mini heater to work with you
Paul: because I don’t like it here
this reminds me how miserable a place it is
wouldn’t want to get comfortable that might make me productive
Weds Oct 5th
ally: i found the dragon costume on amazon so i bought it there for $31
Paul: whatever
dress him in a white sheet and pointy hat
then say he is a ghost

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