here comes the Po-Po

Paul was driving home from work an alternate route thru Jasper he hasn’t driven before and we are chatting on the phone. He said he thinks there is an unmarked police car driving behind him and he doesn’t know what the speed limit on this highway is. i suggest he just drives 55, gets in the right lane, and lets the cop pass him. he said he tried to let the cop pass him, but the cop changed lanes and stayed behind him. i asked if he wanted to get off the phone and he said no, but then a minute later he said “i’m getting pulled over.” so i hang up and wait for him to call back. he calls back like 2 minutes later. “that was fast,” i say, and he replies “it was frank.” lol. i just gotta quote an old 90s song, “how bizarre, how bizarre.” apparently frank saw him and thought he recognized him so he followed him while he ran his plates, and when he saw it was paul for sure, he pulled him over to say hi.


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