why i need the hell out of this house

1. we have no air conditioner on the bottom two levels of the house. in the summer. in georgia.
2. we have no working toilets on the bottom two levels of the house. good thing im not having to do any mad dashes this pregnancy.
3. when it rains, the ceiling leaks on us
4. we already cancelled our bug service thinking we were moving, so we have been over run with bugs. first ants, then the one roach incident (ugh), and lately ive killed three skitter spiders in as many days
5. despite only having one A/C working, our power bill is $300/month. altho it is a nice break from the typical $600/month
6. propane gas tank – don’t know how much is left in it – hopefully enough to get thru the summer because we arent paying $700-900 to fill it
7. well water – while it tastes good – it calcifies everything it touches
8. the power goes out pretty much every time it storms. i assume this is because there are sooooo many trees near all the power lines
9. our massive lawn – we hafta pay $200/month to keep the lawn mowed
10. we have no dishwasher (unless you count paul)
11. dont ya just love the smell of horse poop in the morning?
12. trees falling on the house
13. the house is literally falling down (albeit slowly), left garage door can’t even be opened since the upper levels sank on that side of the house
14. the CCKL!!!!


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