so how come McDonalds doesnt have ice cream (shakes) at night? i mean if you are still open for business, why turn off your shake machine? does it have to defrost or something? and can’t it do that overnight. i dunno it is majorly annoying when youre driving home at midnight and you totally need a shake to feel better.

i have a food aversion to my prenatal vitamins. i hafta force them down every day.

i cant wait to move so that i can stop finding flattened frogs in my driveway all the time. it’s depressing. altho the massive snake living under our front porch is pretty cool.


One thought on “meh

  1. You need to make a post of all the things wrong with your house now. What kind of snake? I’d move out today just for that….ewwwwww! I HATE snakes.

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