a yawn and a rant

i went to bed last night sometime around when lucas did, so i got about 11 hours of sleep and im STILL TIRED. driving home from dropping lucas off at my moms, it was still early enough that it was nice outside, maroon 5 was playing on the radio, and i could almost feel my old spirit trying to break out and be me again. then i got home and realized, nevermind, im just too tired to do anything.

so i went to McDs to get a milkshake on the way to moms house to settle my stomach. i don’t much like McDs but it is the first fast food place i pass for nearly the entire drive so i went there. they’ve changed their milkshakes somehow to be these McCafe things and they are just not yum. i tried a chocolate one last time and it just tasted like they poured hersheys syrup into it (and didnt even really blend it or something) so this time i just got vanilla. also not yum. plus it had a faint hint of strawberry taste as if they didnt clean the mixer from the another shake or something. but the real annoying thing was that someone had parked a large truck with a trailer attachment in the parking lot area but not in a space. it was in the part that if you are driving around mcdonalds but not in the drivethru line, in that drive around lane. just parked there. so anyone actually trying to drive around was stuck. so i was nice and didnt pull forward so that the red truck stuck behind the trailer could use the drivethru lane to go around it. well then the car behind me honked at me for not pulling forward (not that it mattered because we were still far enough back in the line that i couldnt pull up to order yet anyhow, so it’s not like i was actually even holding anything up). so a few minutes later ive gotten my shakes and i pull up away from the window but not away from McDs so that i can put the straws in. im stopped at the part like when your food isnt ready and they ask you to go ahead and pull forward so they can serve others? so im sitting there a sec getting lucas’s milkshake together for him, and the same bitch that is done getting her food behind me honks at me again! WTH go around me, ive pulled up out of the way. so she makes this big exasperated show of having to pull around me to leave.

annabelles face grosses me out. i wish she would hurry up and heal. paul replaced alllll the litter in the boxes with the old type, and i think that did the trick, but she still looks nasty.

i didnt do a ten week pregnancy post this week because there was nothing new to report.


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