I'm Pregnant!

this morning i noticed stuff smelling bad. like more so than usual smells; like i was about to gag. so i went downstairs and looked at my calendar and was 4 days past due on my period (assuming a normal cycle, which i havent been really having). upstairs, i had this one random pregnancy test leftover from my ovulation kit. i wasnt even 100% sure if it was a pregnancy test or an ovulation test, because it was just an unmarked foil wrapper, plus i had no instructions for it, so i winged it. as soon as i dipped it in the cup, i could see a +. so i threw on clothes and got lucas and hauled ass to rite aid to buy a real test (thinking – im either pregnant or ovulating realllly late). well the second test was just as positive as the first!

i was like, stunned, because i had had 0 signs that i was pregnant. i sent paul a photo of the test and he called me and was like “so what is that? does that mean youre pregnant?” and when i asked him what he thought he said “im going to lunch”. it’s funny because i now have all the doubts that i don’t remember having the first time around. like, “am i ready for this? can i handle two kids? can we afford two kids?” paul doesn’t get why im freaked out since it was planned, but planning and being are two different things.

so im going to copy jenny and lauren and post weekly updates. here is week 4!

“Right now your baby is an embryo the size of a poppy seed….This week marks the beginning of the embryonic period. From now until 10 weeks, all of your baby’s organs will begin to develop and some will even begin to function..”

Not really a lot to report there, it being a dot and all. If i were to give my embryo a silly nickname, i would call it poppy. or jellybean. but im not going to, because those are stupid.

How far along?
Pregnancy Symptoms:
Total weight gain/loss:
Maternity clothes?
Stretch marks?
Best parts this week:
Worst parts this week:
Food cravings:
Labor Signs:
What I miss:
What I am looking forward to:
Weekly Wisdom:


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