Baby names

because i dearly love Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing, and because I’ll now be spotting my own on the Feb ’12 birth club forums, I decided to make my own list of the ones I actually see in my birth club.

1. Zeus Anthony for a boy and Memorii Marie for a girl 🙂
2. Girl is Quinneth Lorena Josecita (they’re white), Boy is Elim Anthony
3. girl will be acelynn renesmee jean
4. girl- khias leigh
5. Chjara (KAI-ar-AH)
6. Girl- Evie, Prim, Fallan ..Boy- Syler, Ryker, Finn..
7. Girl: Ruby Tallulah
8. Boy: Bowen Francis

I’m also going to list all the ones I see on the birth club that are super cute. If only i could have a million kids for my million names. The #1 middle name I am seeing this year is Rose. Every other person is using it.
I’m making this list for people like Sarah and Lauren that can’t seem to come up with names for their babies to choose from the list when it is time for #2. “in other countries like Norway, they actually provide lists for you to choose from. If a name is not “allowed”, then I believe you have to choose something else or pay some kind of fine.”

1. Isabelle Nadine
2. Jacoby Dhane
3. Airen Lynn
4. Gavin
5. Darren
6. Makynna Avery
7. Tate
8. Natalie Marie
9. Emmalyn Nichole
10. Emmery Rose (Emme for short)


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