as for the rest of us…

-annabelle has a gash out of the left side of her cheek. this is the second time ive let her out of the cat room and and her face is like this. theyve been getting along for hte most part for years; ive never seen this level of a wound from a cat fight. im glad when we move we wont have to lock them up in a single room anymore and they will have plenty of space to hang out at night.
– i actually bought two sundresses yesterday because it is too hot in the house to wear pants. im pretty sure this is the first time i have voluntarily worn a dress in like, 20 years or something. i honestly cant even remember the last time i owned a regular dress just for wearing.
– the house inspection went really really well on saturday. it was fun being able to spend a few hours at the house. there was nothing majorly wrong with the house at all – just all little things that can be fixed over time. terence is going to make an amendment to our offer to request the seller to fix these little things, but if they reject it no big deal. i didnt really want to even ask for any of it, but paul wanted to at least see if we could get them to fix it, which i guess makes sense. i dunno, for some reason i feel wrong asking a seller to pay out of pocket to fix little things when they arent making a penny on the sale of the house. on the other hand, all the things that need fixing are things in the basement that came about because the basement was self-finished and not done by a professional, so a few things were done wrong (electrical and plumbing). so i guess it would make sense to correct your own work.
– i met our next door neighbors on saturday. the couple is al(l?)ison and josh. they have a son, Landon, one week younger than Lucas, and a baby girl (didn’t get her name). we had previously met the girl across the street. they are a young couple that just got a golden retriever puppy (no kids). mom (and maybe steph) are probably the only ones that really get how excited this makes me. ive never ever had any neighbors before, and here right by me i will have two other young couples. i feel like a girl in a chick lit novel, already imagining all the fun things my new friends and i will do together.
– yesterday after brunch (which sarah came to, yay) and after kohls shoping, paul and i worked on packing up the basement. first i sat there staring at my mess of a desk feeling overwhelmed. i did end up getting all of my desk (except the breakables that will have to be wrapped and packed separately) packed up. the basement is the most daunting part of the packing, imo. it is where we have the most *stuff*.
-a gravity/gyro bowl does not prevent cheerios from flying everywhere when dropped. tipping research still being conducted by the subject.
– for the second time this week, lucas has somehow managed to crawl into the baby einstein and is actually playing with the stuff in it.


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