lucas is getting smarter

i get so excited when lucas learns something new. lately he must have had some kind of brain spurt because he has picked up a bunch of new things in like a week. i need to do better at writing them all down so i can remember later (so that when lauren asks “when did lucas do…, i’ll actually know the answer.) so here are the ones i can remember off the top of my head:
-he suddenly became interested in colors. instead of calling everything yellow, he has started repeating back all the new colors and can correctly identify a color about 1/3rd of the time.
– just now he had a runny nose and we are playing outside. he left and went inside the house found a roll of papertowels, pulled off a couple, wiped his nose, wadded them up, and put them in the trash. he has done this before with asking for a kleenex, but this time he actually went into the house by himself and got his own.
– this morning when he was helping me do the laundry by putting the wet clothes into the dryer, he saw a bando shirt and said “dada”. then a minute later when i handed him one of my shirts, he held it up and said “mama;” so apparently not only can he identify a clothing item (sock), but he recognizes who wears what.
– he’s been doing the couple word sentences for awhile now (around a week after his 2yr doc visit it started) by adding an adjective to a noun. only two words together, tho, i cant get him to do 3.
– he heard a train this morning and called it a train. i didn’t know he’d ever really heard one before, but he identified the sound w/o seeing the train.
– i stopped keeping track of his word list when he got to about 50. he picks up new words insanely easily now.


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