Boston Day 6

My brilliant idea of covering the windows with sheets was in vain – lucas still woke up at 545am despite the room finally being dark. i tried to keep him relatively quiet in the room for an hour, but being in the dark room was making it really hard for me to wake up and deal with him, so i finally took him outside to play until others (meaning paul since the others didnt wake up until 9am+) woke up. after a trip to target (nope, i still dont like starbucks), we were finally on the road to boston harbor around 10.

the ferry boat was a much more pleasant boat ride. we had dramamine on hand, and the boat was remotely as rocky, and lucas and i spent the 30 min ride at the front of the bow with the cool wind in our faces and him pointing out every “big boat” we passed.

On Georges Island we went to Fort Warren. It was a very pretty day and being on the island made the temp much cooler than it had been the past few days. The Fort was pretty neat and we were able to wander around all through it.

By the time we got done, tho, Lucas was way past his naptime and was really cranky. Sadly, Rachel had to catch her bus back to New York afterwards, too. I’m SO GLAD Rachel was able to join us the past two days – it was really fun having her with us. Now we are home chilling, and will prob just hang out the rest of the day and just go out to dinner or something this evening. Despite work schedules and baby schedules, we actually managed to hit up all the major highlights of Boston this week!


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