Boston Day 3

Not much to write about today – it was a chill day. We hung out at the house while Steph was at work. At noon we walked to the playground they have a few streets down and Lucas got to play on everything for an hour before we headed back for naptime. Having a playground right down the street made me really excited about our new house where we will have a playground across the street to play on all the time. We took an awesome 2.5 hr nap which was great after him not napping for like three days in a row. steph, paul (Dr Duff gave him a pass at going to the meeting in Cape Cod tonight), lucas, and i went to a nice korean restaurant for dinner. i was surprised that they had quite a few white patrons and their service and food was excellent. boston is a lot more ethnically diverse than georgia.

Tomorrow we will head to Cape Cod for the Bando competitions!


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