house hunting

like wedding planning, it is really fun in the abstract and really exciting when you get started…and then just keeps going…and becoming stressful…and everyone has an opinion and a criticism.

so our first meeting with our agent, Terence, was to see a foreclosure in Senators Ridge right behind where I live now. i was really excited about this one because it is an awesome neighborhood and normally more than we can afford. ok so that house was trashed! in fact, it was in the worst condition of any we have seen since. this really surprised me due to the caliber of people living in that neighborhood. altho with myself as an example, we aren’t normally the type to have a house in a condition like the one we are living in now, but hey, this one aint ours.

our first full day of looking at properties on friday was for the dallas/hiram area. we looked at 8+ houses and it gave us a good idea of what stuff was out there, what we did/didn’t like, stuff to compare to. there is one in hiram which is *great*, but im really hung up on it being so far away -esp since everyone (except sarah) has already told me they wont ever visit me if i move there — so id hafta make all new friends. but the house was so great, i havent totally discarded it yet.

sunday lauren joined us and we looked at all the canton ones. the ones in canton are smaller than in the west, and cost more, but the location is so much better. i was getting really excited about the idea of being soooo close to lauren and jenn and even my mom wouldnt be too far. we found a house that seemed perfect here – just the right size for goldie locks! pretty confident we are ready to make an offer, we find out it is already under contract! it really annoys me that real estate agents can’t keep their information current to *tell* people that the house is under contract and not still available. the selling agent is pretty confident that the deal will go through, but we will put a back up offer on it anyhow, which just means we get first dibs if for some reason the first seller doesn’t buy it.

so left on the list to view are 3 in woodstock, 1 in acworth, 1 in kennesaw (bells ferry school district lol!), and one in marietta. i dont have much faith in these tho, because the closer to marietta we get, the houses get older and smaller and more expensive. every time i think about paul’s mom, i get so mad.

today’s assignment is to go back through the ones i had looked at online and discarded for whatever reason, and see if any of those i should go look at afterall. but it seems like we are going to have to make a concession somewhere – either smaller, older, or further (farhter?) away.


One thought on “house hunting

  1. I’m so sorry, buying a house (the process) sucks, but it is sooo worth it in the end. I remember reading somewhere that more houses go up for sale during warm weather…probably because there’s greenery and they can do work on it to get it in sale condition. If you don’t find something you love in this next round would y’all consider giving it through the summer and looking for new lisitings each week? I can help you if you want.

    P.s. What did T say about the Yonah Dr one?

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