we're moving!!

ok, we’ve had it. we’re moving.

(insert random note: because im a fail mom, lucas just peed on the chair)

so those of you that followed the roofing incident, the CCKL (Crazy Communist Korean Lady) kept insisting we pay half the roof since in her head we own half the house. it was last left at paul saying “and they know we arent paying for it, right?” and her answer being unclear as to whether she understood this or not, screaming on both sides, and paul hanging up on her. roofers are coming thursday morning. we’re just gonna make sure they know that we aren’t paying them before they get started and let them deal with payment collection.

so based on the roofing incident and her telling me she won’t pay to fix the downstairs toilet since she isn’t the one using it, we aren’t even going to bother mentioning that our downstairs A/C is dead and so is our dishwasher. instead, we’re going to get new ones ourselves…attached to a whole new house.

well kristie isn’t an agent anymore so we weren’t able to use her as our agent, but she found us another guy, Terence, to use and he seems pretty great. so we have an agent and a lender, now i’m doing the house hunt. the search engine terence (via Kristie) gave me is really cool. it lets me put in “must haves” and “want to haves” and gives me matches that way.

(insert random note: lucas wheeled his roller coaster car to the top of the stairs and was sitting on it rolling it back and forth towards the edge of the steps. i guess he’s the next Johnny Blaze.)

so i’ve now run into the problem of not finding many houses that match my criteria of must haves, which are having a big house in a nice neighborhood near nice schools for no money. sooo, i guess somethings gotta give.

this mornings mission: research elementary schools to see which ones make the cut s i know which areas i can look in for a house

to be continued…


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