ok moving and getting a new house is *no fun at all.* every time i get excited about a new house, something turns out to be wrong with it and it gets scrapped. Holly Mill subdivision that at first i loved turns out to be a neighborhood in decline and on top of that, the two houses i was interested in there were waaayyy over priced. then i liked the brand new constructions in Summer Walk (despite them being in an awful school district), but turns out the builder company has had the worst reviews of any company ive ever come across. the fox hollow house needs work and has no pool, the mill creek house it too small if we hafta stay there longer than like 7 years.

being me, i have analyzed and cross analyzed every bit of data i could find on my housing search and now im at the end and fed up. more specifically, i am disheartened, discouraged, disparaged, depressed, dismayed, and destroyed. i told paul to just go pick a house and leave me out of it – im not gonna like anything we can afford anyhow.


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