lucas stories part 2

so i just actually read the old draft post that i threw up earlier today and saw why it was a draft…i never finished writing it!

so the rest of the story was: he still couldnt reach the dresser top since the table wasnt flush with the dresser due to the obstruction. he gets back of the table, looks under it, sees a toy underneath it, removes it, tries to push the table more against the dresser and it still doesnt work. so he goes back around, looks again, and sees the stuffed dog, so he then pulls that out. now he is able to push the table flush with the dresser, stand on the table, and reach the top to pull down all his books. i was just really impressed with how he was able to look at the base of the table and see items that could be causing the problem and remove them in order to get what he wants. i also admire his perseverance at getting those dang books down!


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