lucas stories

found this in the drafts folder from march 8th, thought id go ahead and post it

– so we dont use a diaper genie or any diaper pail. we just take the dirty diapers and put them in a grocery bag and put them in the trash. well this morning i was lying on the couch and i heard him pulling all the clean diapers out of the grocery bag that they were in but i didnt care. then a minute later lucas comes over and holds out the bag to me and says “yuck.” he had taken the two dirty diapers id already changed this morning and left on the changing table, emptied out a plastic bag, and put the dirty diapers into it

– problem solving: i’d put his books on top of the dresser in his play room. he tried to reach for them but was a little too short. he tried to do a pull-up to grab them, but couldn’t get them. he glances around the room and sees his play table. he grabs it and drags it over to the dresser to stand on, but there is a stuffed dog at the base of the dresser that it is stuck on.
– said bye bye to alphapal

and ill add to it with one from today – we just yelled at lucas for hitting, and he walked off and got in time out (on his own)


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