Comments from today

– I think pajamas should have pockets. Then I would carry my cell phone around with me more. And chapstick

– I have to set up alllll my season passes again now that we have the new ATT uverse…that’s 30+ shows…although im not sure if all of them are still on the air…

rather than retyping this, ill post my convo with sarah:

ally: just went in and got blood drawn
Hetz Hetzler: when do you get the results?
ally: next couple of days
Hetz Hetzler: i will be hoping for good news
ally: im not sure what i want the news to be
Hetz Hetzler: why is that?
ally: well if i *do* have hypothyroidism, then simply taking a pill every day will fix it, and having it would explain why im always tired and hopefully put my cycle back on track…so having it and then taking pills for it would hopefully improve my life….but should i really be hoping that i *am* sick?
ally: but if i *dont* have it, then im just a lazy shit with a screwed up period
ally: and it will take more work to figure out whats wrong with my cycle


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